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We follow the authorities' laws, advice and restrictions to create together with our members and guests as safe and secure an environment as possible to stay in. Here you can read about our measures and how you yourself should act when you visit us.

At arrival

We take the temperature of everyone who enters Sturebadet and of course we also measure our staff. We do this to ensure that the facility is completely fever-free. You are welcome if you have below 37.5 °.

A queue can form when many come at the same time. Therefore, it is good to be in extra good time if you are going to take part in a group training session or have booked a treatment. In addition to taking the temperature, everyone must also spray their hands before entering Sturebadet. We have mouthguards in the reception for those who want access to it during their visit.

Max 200 people

A maximum of 200 people (including staff) may be in at Sturebadet at the same time. We track the number checked in in real time and should we, contrary to expectations, reach the ceiling of 200 people, you may have to wait at the reception until someone checks out.

Signs with maximum number in each department
The area of ​​each department determines how many can stay right there. This applies to e.g. cardio, gym, relaxation and changing rooms and you need to wait your turn if you see that it is full. Our staff continuously patrols the facility and we ask you to respect if you are asked to leave the room due to congestion.

Come when we have the least visitors

Feel free to avoid certain times during the day. The risk of having to wait for check-in, not get a place for group training or be met by a full gym is of course greater when the occupancy is at its highest. It is a great advantage if you can plan your visit when it is much calmer instead. The graph below shows what the occupancy looks like during the day.

Everyone has to check out

In order for other members and guests to avoid standing and waiting at the reception for no reason at all, it is important that you check out when you leave. Otherwise, our system believes that you are still there, which may block the opportunity for someone else to enter.

9 participants in the group training sessions

According to the Pandemic Act, we must limit the number of participants in the group training sessions to 9 people. Booking of passports can only be done by members. We have shortened the group training sessions by 5 minutes so that there is plenty of time between the sessions to clean their mats and equipment. It also reduces the risk of congestion forming between participants in different sessions.

Exercise equipment

Always clean machines and equipment in the gym and cardio room, both before and after use.

Cleaning and cleaning

Our cleaning staff is on site 24 hours a day. Especially at night when the entire facility is thoroughly cleaned.


At Sturebadet, we are always careful about hygiene. But now you will find even more disinfectants in several places in the facility.

Number of people per seat in the restaurant

The restaurant is less sparsely furnished, which means that the tables per party have at least one meter between them according to the authorities' regulations. Groups of more than 4 people will at meals be divided into smaller groups of a maximum of 4 people in each group. The distance between each group is at least 1 meter.

Gloves at the breakfast buffet

We require that you use the gloves we offer when providing yourself with food from the breakfast buffet. The gloves are of a simpler variant that are easy to put on and take off. Of course, it is important to keep your distance and not be crowded while waiting your turn.

Serving alcohol

Until further notice, alcohol is served from 11:00 to 20:00.

Do not forget your membership card

Because we must have complete control over exactly how many people are in the facility, we can no longer prepare a number of temporary key cards if you happen to forget your membership card. It is therefore extra important that you really get the card with you when you visit Sturebadet. Should the misfortune still occur, you will have to wait while the reception staff prepares a new one. In the meantime, priority will always be given to check-in by members who have their card with them.


Common advice

The best way to protect yourself and your surroundings is always to maintain good hygiene and it is extra important to think about right now.

  • Always stay at home if you feel the least bit sick
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water
  • Use rubbing alcohol as a complement to hand washing
  • Try not to have your hands on your face or fingers in your mouth
  • Avoid greeting by touching
  •  Avoid crowds
  • Stay up to date on the Folkhälsomyndigheten website

Opening hours
Monday- Friday 06.30 - 22.00
Saturday - Sunday 08.30 - 20.30
Age limit 18 years
Opening hours
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Sturegallerian 36
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Phone number 08-545 015 00