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Training at a spa is the best way to achieve greater balance and harmony between body and mind. Our members often tell us that Sturebadet is something truly special – that the feeling and experience they get from their membership is something completely unparalleled.

We have more than a century’s experience within health and well-being – a tradition which places lofty demands on everything we do and even after all those years, our ambition remains to offer our members services of the very highest quality. Our central philosophy is built on four cornerstones: physical training, mental relaxation, invigorating treatments and nourishing food. Through a balance of these components, we strive to support and inspire you as one of our members to enjoy a healthier and more balanced life.

Our membership club offers a training experience comprised of endless variations: group training, gym, cardio training, aqua aerobics, yoga and mediation. We offer more than 80 group training classes per week. Sturebadet has two distinct fitness studios, one for cardio and strength training and another for body and mind, as well as our pool.
View our group training schedule here >

Physical training

Sturebadet has two gyms, one which places focus on design and function and another which is reserved especially for our customers with personal trainers. The gym on the third floor is a spacious and athletic environment with spectacular flows of natural light. It combines Sturebadet’s more classical elements such as rippling water features and exquisite marble with exciting design solutions that help make your training sessions more inspiring for all the senses and encourage energy, motion and activity. The gym also boasts a large space for functional training, first-class exercise equipment from Life Fitness, weights from Eleiko, and a spacious cardio room with a range of different cardio machines from Precor including step machines, exercise bikes, cross trainers and treadmills. Total training space is around 600 square metres. The PT Gym boasts a wide range of equipment to challenge your body in an enjoyable, varied, stimulating and intensive way, including a sprinting course, lifting platform, weight sled and medicine balls.
Read more about our gyms here >  

Mental relaxation

Training at Sturebadet is not just an experience for the body but an experience for all the senses. That’s why many of our members decide to linger and enjoy our unique facilities after a workout. In the Sturebadet Body and Mind Studio, guests can unwind after a hectic day by meditating, contemplating and stretching in beautiful and silent surroundings. We offer mindfulness classes that will help you train your mental prowess in a relaxed state of being. Be sure to also enjoy a dip or swim some laps to soft and soothing music in Stockholm’s oldest and most beautiful pool. What could be better after an intense workout than stretching out your body in pleasant 29 degreees water or loosening your muscles in our hydromassage tub? Then round off your visit in the sauna or on a lounger in our aroma room – a type of steam room imbued with the calming scent of lavender.
Read more about our training classes here > 

Invigorating treatments

To get as much out of your training as possible, why not combine your workout with one of our invigorating treatments? As a member of Sturebadet you can enjoy a special members’ price and last-minute discounts on all treatments, as well as a 10% discount on Kerstin Florian spa products.
View our treatments here > 

Nourishing food

You’ll find an unparalleled atmosphere in our restaurant in the mornings. It’s a place where members meet after an early morning workout to relax over a breakfast buffet comprised of the finest organic and local ingredients. Men and women dressed in bathrobes share space with executives at an early morning business meeting. The one thing they all have in common is that they want to start their day in a healthy and nourishing way. As a member you can enjoy a 10% discount on everything served in our restaurant.
Read more about our restaurant here >

Members’ club

Sturebadet offers a number of membership plans with different levels of access to our facilities and different services included as part of your membership. Each membership plan is available only to a limited number of members so as to ensure you will always have the space that you need. To facilitate your training we offer membership plans with most services included. Welcome to your new oasis in the heart of it all!

Registration fee and membership terms

In order to join the Sturebadet members’ club you will need to pay a registration fee of SEK 1,500. Members must check in and out within the times stipulated for their membership plan. Towel rental is included in all membership plans as well as the use of exclusive Kerstin Florian shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and body lotions in the showers and changing rooms. The prices below are inclusive of VAT. The fee also covers the cost of our induction programme. All membership plans are recurring and subject to a minimum term of 12 months. The age limit is 18. Membership terms >

Membership plans:

(Includes VAT of 6%)  

Sturebadet Exclusive

SEK 37.000 per year (direct debit: SEK 3.176 per month)
Includes breakfast on weekdays, bathrobe and workout clothes all days of the week.
Weekdays 06:30-22:00
Weekends 08:30-20:30  

All-Day Club

SEK 26.000 per year (direct debit: SEK 2.232 per month)
Weekdays 06:30-22:00
Weekends 08:30-20:30  

Sture Club

SEK 21,250 per year (direct debit: SEK 1,824per month)
Weekdays 09:30-22:00 

Good Morning Club

SEK 16.700 per year (direct debit: SEK 1.433 per month)
Weekdays 06:30-10:00
Weekends 08:30-20:30 

Evening Club

SEK 18.000 per year (direct debit: SEK 1.545 per month)
Weekdays 17:30–22:00
Weekends 08:30–20:30 

Add-ons – for easier and more comfortable training

Rent workout clothes: SEK 3.900 per year (direct debit: SEK 335 per month)
Rent bathrobes: SEK 2.700 per year (direct debit: SEK 230 per month)
Rent a private locker: SEK 3.300 per year (direct debit: SEK 283 per month) 

Health Subscription at the Sturebadet Clinic

Standard price is SEK 17,900 per year but as a member you can enjoy a discount of 10%.
SEK 16,110 per year (direct debit: SEK 1,238 per month)

Our Health Subscription is Sweden’s most modern and comprehensive health service and available as an add-on for all of our membership plans. You get one extensive health check-up per year. Your personal physician will take you through a thorough medical examination and together you will develop an individual health plan for the coming year. You can also visit your personal physician free of charge throughout the year at the Sturebadet Clinic.
Read more here >


Induction programme for new members

At Sturebadet, we want you to enjoy a positive and inspiring start to your new membership. That’s why we have developed an induction programme to help you achieve better training and relaxation. This programme is included in the first year of your private membership and does not apply to corporate membership plans.

Personal consultation – 60 minutes
A personal trainer will analyse your joint and muscle function, your posture and any problems or issues with strain on your body. They will then develop a surefire and targeted programme based around your individual circumstances. This may involve performing some simple tests, establishing a workout regime in the gym, providing you with dietary advice and recommending group classes. 

Personal consultation 2 – 60 minutes
Continuation of the first consultation session in order to follow up on and expand your programme. (This hour can be exchanged for a personal training session if you feel you are ready to get started.) 

Treatment of your choice – 20 minutes
Since Sturebadet is much more than just a gym, we want you to experience all we have to offer. That’s why you also get a Swedish Classic Massage, Express Facial Treatment, Mineral Bath or Body Scrub as part of your induction programme. 

Annual consultation – 60 minutes
After your first year, you will then get an hour-long training consultation each year to follow up on your development and inspire you to keep going. 

Booking the Sturebadet Induction Programme
To book the Sturebadet Induction Programme or for any questions about personal training or the initial training consultation, please contact our customer service team by telephone on 08-545 015 00, send an email to or contact our reception staff on site. Inductions, personal training sessions and training consultations must be cancelled by no later than 12:00 on the day before to avoid a charge. 


Membership benefits

As a member of Sturebadet there are several exciting benefits, discounts and offers for you to enjoy! For example, you can bring a guest to Sturebadet at a discounted price or purchase invigorating skincare products from Kerstin Florian at a discount of 10%. Many of the shops in the Sturegallerian Centre offer special discounts for Sturebadet members. Certain other shops, hotels and restaurants in Stockholm also offer benefits and discounts as well.

These offers are valid upon the presentation of a valid membership card from the Sturebadet members’ club.

Within the Sturebadet Group

Members can enjoy discounts on all treatments offered at Sturebadet. Ask at the reception for a separate price list. 

Guest passes
Members are entitled to bring along a guest once per week at the discounted price of SEK 250 Monday–Friday (SEK 450 Saturday–Sunday). Towel rental is included in the price of the visit. Guests pay for any food at the restaurant separately. 

The restaurant
10% discount on everything served in our restaurant. See more here > 

Sturebadet Marina Tower
As a member of Sturebadet, you pay a discounted guest entrance if you want to visit Sturebadet Marina Tower: SEK 250 (Monday - Thursday) and SEK 450 (Friday - Sunday). Towel is included with the visit. Prebook your place at 

Kerstin Florian
10% discount on our range of Kerstin Florian products. Discount does not apply to the purchase of gift cards.     

In the Sturegallerian Centre

The shops below offer a 10% discount to Sturebadet members upon the presentation of a valid membership card. Offer cannot be combined with any other special offers or discounts. 

Fab Beauty Bar
My Closet
Stjärnurmakarna Marstrand (Gäller ej vid reparationer)
Maruschka de Margò

Other membership benefits

Cannot be combined with other offers/discounts. 

Pontus in the Air
Pontus in the Air Sturebadet members are offered a 10% discount at the Pontus in the Air Brasserie for parties of up to 10 people. They are located at Arlanda airside terminal 5, between the A and F piers, and are open from 05:00 until the last departure. In the brasserie there is table service with a strong focus on wine and food à la minute. With great respect for your time, they give you a time guarantee of 12 minutes from ordering until the food is in front of you on the table. Applies to parties up to 6 people. Should they fail in all probability, they will offer you the food. 

Pontus in the Air is a cashless restaurant and the discount is valid upon presentation of your Sturebadet membership card to our staff when paying. For bookings and more information please send an email to or give us
a call on 076-014 14 94. Read more about Pontus in the Air > 

Flowery is a subscription service that delivers the season's most beautiful cut flowers to your door. Choose between subscribing every week or every other week - completely without a lock-in period. Exclusively for members at Sturebadet, we together with Flowery offer your first delivery when you enter the promotion code SxF16 when registering at

Lexington was founded in 1997 and is a company that designs, develops and sells products in home textiles, related products for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and wide clothing collections for women and men. The products are characterized by high quality in both material and workmanship, and a classic design inspired by the American east coast and what has come to be described as the New England style.

Today, Lexington's product range is established at a total of approximately 900 sales outlets in the Nordic region, the rest of Europe, the USA and Asia. Lexington has 23 own stores, of which one in the Sturegallerian store. As a member, you have a 10% discount.

Contacta Eyewear
Contacta Eyewear offers a 10% discount on complete glasses.

Hagabadet in Gothenburg
Visit Hagabadet's three facilities (Haga, Drottningtorget and Älvstranden) free of charge one weekday a month. You do not need to pre-register but present both the membership card at Sturebadet and your ID documents.

Dentist Annika Plogmark at Abc-Kliniken at Artillerigatan 48 in Östermalm offers you who are a member of Sturebadet SEK 100 discount on a dental examination and a 10% discount on teeth whitening. The offers are valid upon presentation of a valid membership card at Sturebadet. Phone 08-84 84 84

Gå & Löpkliniken
Sturebadet's members have, on presentation of a valid membership card, a 10% discount on Gå & Löpkliniken's range (does not apply to sale items and orthopedic technology). Read more at

SNOOT was started by Peter Blom, one of the founders of Peak Performance, with the aim of combining the sportswear industry's tough demands on functionality and durability with the fashion world's sense of materials and design. Leisure garments that are nicely designed and have a modern fit combined with a high technical functionality, such as. durability, waterproof / breathable and ergonomics. Sturebadet's members have, upon presentation of a valid membership card, a 10% discount at Snoot Store.

If you have questions about the membership benefits, contact

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