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Sturebadet is singular because there is no other place that resembles this exclusive and historic spa in the heart of Stockholm. But the emotions it inspires are many and varied. We have a unique heritage in our hands to manage and we are very proud of that. Every day we do our utmost to make your experience of Sturebadet, our services and service first-class in every way. As our guest or member, every visit should be a pleasure for all the senses.

It is with genuine joy that we can state that there is no other spa in Sweden like Sturebadet. Because only Sturebadet can offer a holistic concept in health and well-being. We lead the quality development in spa treatments, mental relaxation, diet and exercise that form our four cornerstones and form the basis of our existence. In line with these cornerstones, Sturebadet's specialist doctor's surgery, which is located next door to Sturebadet, offers preventive services such as health check-ups, individual health plans, DNA analysis and ultrasound and much more. The result is that you can come to Sturebadet with all your questions concerning your health!

We realize the magnificence of our history, but at the same time we are a spa that lives with its time. It is noticeable in everything from our exercise machines that are of the latest model to our spa products from Kerstin Florian that are developed with the latest technology and innovative methods. We embrace the present while nurturing our unique heritage. This means that we will remain Sweden's leading spa and health company also in the future.

The history of Sturebadet

A couple of times every century, people appear who, with their knowledge and visionary qualities, change the development of society and who contribute to improvements, reforms and increased welfare. Carl Curman, doctor and balneologist, was one of those people whose community efforts still leave significant traces. His vision was to give people bathing, exercise and better health, and in 1885 his creation Sturebadet was completed. It became a health palace that became very important in Sweden at the time, when homes often lacked bathrooms. Balneology - the study of the different types of baths and their medical significance was Curman's specialty and he introduced spas and massage treatments at Sturebadet which led to improved health and increased quality of life for the bath's visitors.

Inspiration from Venice

In the 1870s, Stureplan did not look like it does today. What is now a vibrant nerve in central Stockholm with restaurants, nightlife and palace-like stone houses was built with low wooden dwellings and plantations. Carl Curman found that aesthetics and beauty were important components of well-being, and it was generally believed that harmony was good for physical and mental health. Finding inspiration in the Italian city of Venice, where the Venetian palaces were like drawings with divine brushstrokes, became of course a matter for a man who wanted to create something similar in a Nordic city. It was the Renaissance palace Ca ’Vendramin Calergi in Venice that stood as a model for the facade that became Sturebadets. In this way, Curman captured with an absolute ear the dream of the continent in the form of beauty and mystery.

Another time and another life
When Sturebadet was opened to the public, the bathing palace was a reflection of the prevailing social classes of the time. There were first, second and third classes and each class had its own floor. Not even as undressed were all the same. The Turkish Bath was a male-dominated establishment and it is said that the internationally known film star Greta Garbo got women to visit "Damturken" in the Turkish Bath. It's 20s and a couple of years before the war breaks out and the old world disappears.

Sturebadet is on fire

The decades took turns and Sturebadet became an important social institution and a landmark in Stockholm. On May 30, 1985, a fire occurred, threatened to put an end to a glorious bathing and health. The owners, Stockholms Badhus and Skandia, decided to restore the bath after the fire disaster. Old drawings had been lost, but fortunately Stockholms Badhus had compiled a photo documentation of Sturebadet only a few weeks before the fire. If it was a man who founded Sturebadet, it was two women who took it further into the future. Sturebadet would not have been completed without the co-owner Charlotte Wall's goal-oriented and energetic work during the reconstruction phase. Kerstin Florian, who brought the spa culture to Sweden, saw the potential and became a partner. Her treatment concept and products contributed to Sturebadet becoming the first spa facility on the Swedish market. After a careful and well-thought-out renovation work, Sturebadet was reopened in 1989 and today has a cultural-historical interest and is largely under K-brand protection.

Work at Sturebadet

We who work at Sturebadet like to make other people feel good. Being part of Sturebadet means the opportunity to give to others. Every detail contributes to the whole, the experience and the atmosphere. Every employee is involved in building Sturebadet, which is why we place high demands on ourselves and on you who want to work with us. Our core values ​​are our guiding compass and show what we think is important and these characterize our daily work. Welcome with your application!

Sturebadet's core values

First class
Our guests must be sure that what is offered to them is the best.

We show our customers care, commitment and enthusiasm.

Sturebadet should be an inspiring and life-giving oasis in life, a temple of health where every person can find their way to well-being.

It is astonishing that a company created with a non-profit motive has lived for over a century. Let our business acumen secure Sturebadet's continued future.

Version 2021-10-19

1. Background

Sturebadet Holding AB and its Group companies, hereinafter referred to as Sturebadet, process personal data about you who visit and use our website. Sturebadet strives to protect your personal data in the best possible way and always follows current laws and regulations for personal data protection (GDPR). This Privacy Policy generally applies to the processing of personal data within Sturebadet and exists to explain the type of data that Sturebadet processes, why and how.

Personal data is processed in Sturebadet's administration and booking system. The privacy policy is applicable to members, day visitors and other customers.

The companies covered by this policy are:

  • Sturebadet Holding AB
  • Sturebadet AB
  • Sturebadet Marina Tower AB
  • Sturebadet Läkarmottagning KB *
 * The company conducts care operations and is also covered by the Patient Safety Act, which provides stronger personal data protection than GDPR.

These companies cooperate with each other and may therefore share data with each other, unless it is contrary to other legislation.

2. Personal data and personal data processing

We collect and store information about you that you provide to us. The information we can collect and store is name, address, social security number, e-mail, mobile number and for members and employees also photos. We collect the information to be able to offer the right service of the highest quality in our commitments to you as a customer.

We use your personal information to:
  • be able to establish your identity during contact and visits. 
  • be able to send information and offers to you. 
  • be able to answer your questions more correctly. 
  • invite you to our events and happenings. 
  • send out customer surveys so we can be even better. 
  • pay salary to you who are employed.
Sturebadet sometimes processes special categories of personal data. This applies to information about health and trade unions. For example, handling a booking where someone is allergic requires consent and is therefore only done where the guest himself states this. 

3. Legal reason

The processing of personal data takes place on the legal basis that Sturebadet must be able to fulfill an agreement. The agreement covers both purchases per se and agreements on membership terms that give both rights and obligations to the parties. As our products are rare goods, we keep personal data received for 24 months. The reason is to make booking easier for customers who visit us regularly. However, customers can at any time request to have their personal data deleted, if we do not have an ongoing business transaction with each other.

The legal basis may in some cases also be consent. This applies to the people who are part of our interest club "Sturebadets Gästlista" *, where the people themselves have registered their participation to receive news, offers and invitations.

With regard to the processing of personal data in order to fulfill requirements, such as the Accounting Act, the VAT Act and the Consumer Purchase Act, the legal basis for processing is a legal obligation.

 * This applies to Sturebadet AB. The same is also available at Sturebadet Marina Tower AB and is then called "Sturebadet Marina's Guest List".

4. Personal data controller and personal data assistants

The person responsible for personal data is the person who is responsible for the processing of personal data and decides why and how personal data is processed. Each company is responsible for personal data to ensure that current legislation is complied with at all times.

To be able to deliver our services, Sturebadet uses personal data assistants. This means that Sturebadet is responsible for personal data and decides which personal data is processed and why, but that we outsource parts of the processing. These are, for example, IT solutions such as storage and booking systems. Sturebadet then decides on the treatment and is responsible for it, but takes help from other suppliers to be able to deliver their services. Sturebadet always enters into a personal data assistant agreement with personal data assistants to safeguard a high level of protection for all data. The agreements state that our personal data assistants do not have the right to process our data for their own purposes. Your personal data will never be sold or transferred to any third party other than our personal data assistants.

Sturebadet discloses your personal data to the following types of personal data assistants: 
  •  Suppliers of IT systems in development and support. These companies provide services, technical solutions and platforms for Sturebadet's administration. 
  • Partners who handle payment. To handle payments made by Sturebadet's customers, we use suppliers to guarantee secure payment solutions. 
  • Partners who administer our customer surveys. 

5. Your rights

Sturebadet would like to remind you of the rights that GDPR gives to the persons who have their personal data processed.

Access to your personal data: You have the right to request confirmation of whether we process personal data about you or not. You also have the right to see what information we process about you by requesting a register extract, which we send to your population registration address within 30 days.

Correction of personal data: If a data item is incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to request that it be corrected.

Withdrawal of consent: If we process your personal data with consent as a legal basis for the processing, you have the right to withdraw the consent with future effect at any time.

Deletion of personal data: Registered persons have the right to request and in certain circumstances have their personal data deleted. An exception is if we are required by law to preserve the information.

Right to complain: The registered person also has the right to turn directly to the supervisory authority, the Data Inspectorate, to complain. The Data Inspectorate will then investigate what happened.

Limitation of processing: Data subjects have the right to request that the processing of their personal data be restricted.

Data portability: Registered persons also have the right to receive copies of their personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. This right only covers personal data that the data subject himself has provided us with the data and the legal basis is either consent or that there is an agreement.

                            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 If you have further questions about how we handle your personal data or if you want to invoke your rights, please contact

This privacy policy has been established by Sturebadet and applies from 2021-10-19.

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