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Weekdays 07:00 – 20:00   //   WEEkends 10:00 – 20:00
On the third floor, above our beautiful pool, you’ll find the Sturebadet Restaurant. You don’t need to pay for admission to Sturebadet in order to enjoy the delicious food on offer at our restaurant. The perfect place to give your energy levels a boost with a little help from our organic dishes, smoothies, snacks or a glass of wine that will reignite your spirits.

Our dishes are prepared using fresh ingredients of the finest quality. Leafy greens and hearty root vegetables take centre stage and form the base of all the dishes prepared in our kitchen. The Sturebadet Restaurant is also well known for its excellent breakfasts, which make for the perfect start to an energised day. The beautiful and tranquil environment is simply made for moments of calm and relaxation.


There is no sweeter way to start the day than with breakfast at Sturebadet. Our breakfast buffet is always extensive and fresh and contains everything you can dream of, such as cheeses, yoghurt, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, different kinds of cereals, good coffee and much more.

Breakfast is served:
Weekdays - 07:00-10:00

Lunch menu

Our restaurant is a natural centre and meeting point for all those who want to enjoy the good in life. It’s a place where you’ll see people dressed sharply in suits sitting next to peers wrapped up in fluffy bathrobes. It is this harmonious mix that makes the atmosphere in our restaurant just so unique and inviting. A warm welcome to you as well!

ALWAYS ON THE MENU  //   11:30 – 19:30

Toast Skagen 
with whitefish row and grilled sourdough // SEK 125/215  

Sturebadet´s prawn salad
with miso dressing, kimchi sesame, chili mayonnaise, egg and rice crackers // SEK 215  

MENU   //   11:30 – 15:00

Seared Salmon
with white wine sauce, selleri & fennel crudité and baked celeriac  // SEK 175 

Lemonfried Duck breast
Lingonberry- & sichuan gravy, cauliflower creme with ginger and chili pickled cabbage // SEK 195 

Carrot Falafel 
with tzatziki, quinoa salad, feta cheese and burnt cucumber // SEK 165 


Crème Brûlée
//  SEK 85 

Chocolate truffle
// SEK 45 kr

Weekend menu

Enjoy our fresh and innovative food even on the weekends. Our kitchen has the fantastic skill of being able to whip up fantastic and delicious dishes no matter the day of the week. Sturebadet’s sumptuous and filling prawn salad is a solid favourite with our guests and always on the menu.

ALWAYS ON THE MENU //   11:00 – 19:30

Toast Skagen 

with white fish roe and grilled sourdough bread //  125/215 kr 

Sturebadet´s Shrimp salad

with miso dressing, kimchisesam, chili mayo, egg and rice chips  //  215 kr 

LUNCH //   11:00 – 16:00

Sturebadet´s  spicy Fish stew
with cod, salmon, shrimp, tomato and fennel. Served with aioli and crutons  //  225 kr

Crispy Chicken or Marinated Tofu
with glas noodle salad, ponzu dressing and chili mayo  //  185 kr

Steak Frites
with haricots verts, tomato salad, red wine sauce, tarragon mayo and french fries  //  235 kr


Crème Brûlée

 //  95 kr 

Chocolate Truffle

//  45 kr


Our lounge is Sturebadet’s social hub. A chilled and social environment with views over the beating heart of Sturebadet – the gorgeous pool. Kick back on one of our chaise loungers, enjoy an incredible smoothie or why not treat yourself to a glass of wine? And when it comes time to boost your energy levels, we have plenty of enticing food and drink on offer. Protein shakes, smoothies, fruit salads and chia puddings are just some of the treats available on our Light Bites Menu.
Opening hours
Monday- Friday 06.30 - 22.00
Saturday - Sunday 08.30 - 20.30
Age limit 18 years
Opening hours
Find us
Sturegallerian 36
114 46 Stockholm
Phone number 08-545 015 00