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Sturebadet – a training experience with endless variations. Training at a spa allows you to achieve greater balance and harmony between body and mind. Even back in 1885, Sturebadet’s founder, Carl Curman, placed great emphasis on taking a holistic perspective to health and well-being and here at Sturebadet we are proud to carry this tradition forward.

We offer more than 90 group training classes per week across our Body & Mind Studio, our Fitness Studio and our beautiful Swimming Pool. Our two gyms are modern, inspiring and designed for effective workouts, while our cardio room boasts modern machines to help you burn fat and shred. And when it comes time to take your training to the next level, our professional personal trainers are on hand to help you achieve your goals.

Group training

We offer more than 90 group training classes per week across our Body & Mind and Fitness Studios as well as aqua classes in our beautiful swimming pool. No matter whether you’re a professional athlete or a complete beginner, you’ll be sure to find something that suits.

Only members can book group training
Booking is done online so you can book your place wherever you are. When you check in at Sturebadet, you slip your membership card in the new customer kiosk that is in the reception. Your ticket is also printed in the kiosk.

The first time you log in, you must create a password. To do this, click on "Forgot password" and follow the instructions. The email address you enter must be to which your membership is linked.

Booking rules:
  • You can book classes up to 15 minutes before the class starts.
  • You can book classes 10 days in advance. If a class is fully booked, you can join the reserve list. If someone cancels, bookings from the reserve list are moved in turn to a regular place. If you move up, you will be notified of this via email and SMS (if we have your mobile number).
  • You can book a maximum of 2 classes per day and have a maximum of 10 bookings at the same time. This includes spare seats.
  • Cancellation must be made no later than 2 hours before the class start time. This is important because missed cancellations are recorded. If it happens 3 times within 30 days, you will have to wait for 14 days before you can book classes again.
  • NOTE! You must remember to also cancel any reserve lists you put on if you know that you will not be able to join that class. If it is moved up to a regular place, it is handled as such by the system.

Fitness Studio

Our Fitness Studio offers a wide variety of fitness and strength training classes such as Bodypump®, Bootcamp, Aerobics, Salsa and much, much more.  

Body & Mind Studio

Our soundproofed Body & Mind Studio offers classes which are focused on the mind. Come down and unwind, meditate, contemplate and stretch in a beautiful environment inspired by nature. We also offer classes in Mindful Relaxation which help you to train your mental prowess in a physically relaxed state of being. 

Sturebadet’s gorgeous pool with its 29-degree water offers classes such as Aqua Bootcamp, Classic, Speedo and classic Aqua Aerobics. Or simply enjoy a relaxing dip after a workout or practise your breaststroke to calm and soothing music. 


Sturebadet boasts two ultra-modern and inviting gyms for optimum workouts. The perfect setting to find inspiration for a healthy life. Our gyms are equipped with multiple workout machines and a whole range of equipment so you will never need to stand about and wait for your turn. They are perfectly kitted out to promote a versatile and effective workout, and no matter how much or how little previous gym experience you have, you’ll be sure to find everything you need to build strength and feel better.

Second floor

Our second floor is where you’ll find our PT gym where naturally everyone is equally welcome. It boasts the perfect layout for freestyle training on your own or together with your personal trainer. You’ll find a wide array of kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, Roman rings and sleds. Plenty to keep you busy and active no matter whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned gym-goer. You can combine interval training with strength training to make your workout more enjoyable and effective. Workout sessions in our PT Gym are varied, functional and always challenging. 

Third floor

On our third floor you will find a classic gym in an extraordinary setting. Truly an experience for all the senses. The gym is tastefully decorated in harmonious blue with elegant details in mosaic tile. The machines are all from Life Fitness and in no short supply, meaning you will never need to stand around and wait your turn. When it’s time for a break from the machines you’ll find a wide array of dumbbells and barbells to vary your workout.   


If it’s sheer cardio and shredding you’ve got your sights on, then look no further than our ultra-modern and purpose-designed cardio room. Home to the best and most modern training machines in the fitness industry. There are 45 machines in total so you’ll never need to stand around and wait your turn. Our cardio room makes training enjoyable and effective. Enjoy the use of machines that are sure to meet your needs and abilities and which are right at the forefront of technological development. 

There are treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers and AMT machines (a combination between a step machine and a cross trainer) from Precor. Also available are rowing machines, spin bikes and indoor skiing machines from Concept. Not to mention our tough and exacting Assault Bikes for a truly demanding workout. 

Training should be an experience for all the senses. Given that all of the Precor machines on offer are top of the range, you can watch Netflix or listen to Spotify on the machine displays while you work out. If you’re training for a mountain stage then you can follow along that very same route on the console screen.

Our cardio room is sure to give you the fitness workout you’re after regardless of existing ability or needs. Alternate between more intensive bouts on the treadmill and gentler sessions on the cross trainer. Your body will be sure to benefit no matter the approach you choose.

Personal Training

Do you feel like the time has come to step your training up a level? Do you need inspiration for new workouts? Has the time come to make a change in your life?

Training with one of our expert and experienced PTs will help make your workouts more effective and reinject some challenge into your development. Exercise needs to be challenging but it should also be fun and rewarding for all the senses. That’s why our PTs regularly introduce variation into both their training sequences and dietary advice to give you an elevated and personal experience. Your PT will encourage your interest in training and provide you with support and inspiration to keep going both in session and on your own. Emphasis is placed on creating well-functioning workout routines that will make sure your results remain sustainable over time. You will be given assistance with your technique so that you can exercise correctly and without injuring yourself.

Working out with us means you will never tire of exercising and feeling great, but rather your well-being and training will become a central part of your lifestyle. In consultation with your personal trainer, the two of you will establish goals for your training and diet. We’ll give you that extra push to let go of old habits and leave behind a lifestyle that no longer works for you.

Our personal Trainers

PT Prices
1 session – SEK 945 per hour
10 sessions – SEK 895 per hour
20 sessions – SEK 845 per hour
30 sessions – SEK 795 per hour
40 sessions – SEK 745 per hour 

Duo PT Prices
1 session – SEK 1345 per hour
10 sessions – SEK 1270 per hour
20 sessions – SEK 1195 per hour
40 sessions – SEK 1045 per hour  

Contact our customer service desk for information about times and days.

Each session is 55 minutes. Prices include 6% VAT. Invoices are issued in advance to your chosen address. Non-members are required to pay an additional admission fee of SEK 250 per session.  
Opening hours
Monday- Friday 06.30 - 22.00
Saturday - Sunday 08.30 - 20.30
Age limit 18 years
Opening hours
Find us
Sturegallerian 36
114 46 Stockholm
Phone number 08-545 015 00