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Kerstin Florian Whenever we feel good inside, we simply radiate beauty and well-being on the outside as well. Products and treatments from Kerstin Florian embody the very essence of the founder’s own philosophy in life. Kerstin Florian creates fantastic results by combining the best ingredients we can find in nature with the latest technology and modern innovations.
What we refer to as wellness is a natural part of a sound and healthy lifestyle. Kerstin Florian recognised early on that there were no shortcuts to achieving this state of balance and well-being in life. The cornerstones that constitute wellness are a healthy diet, regular exercise, mental relaxation and care of the body and face. No one cornerstone is more important than another and none can be left out entirely – rather they all form part of Kerstin Florian’s holistic perspective.

Nature is the best cure we have and is a healing force unlike any other. Kerstin Florian seeks to make use of the connections that exist between the body, soul and senses, positive energy, health, our earth and existence and our well-being and nature – where all life has its beginnings.

You need to take responsibility for your own health, but you are not alone on the journey. Natural products and treatments from Kerstin Florian go hand in hand with a holistic perspective on lifestyle that puts good health centre stage.

Kerstin Florian is internationally recognised as an innovative entrepreneur and leading figure within the spa industry. She has dedicated many years of her life to research in order to understand what us humans need and where we can find genuine, natural and effective ingredients to develop excellent skin and body care products. Kerstin Florian stands for effective and exclusive products and treatments which draw inspiration from old European cultural traditions and centuries of collected wisdom on skin and body care.

The use of Kerstin Florian products is included with all treatments at Sturebadet. You will find her hair and skincare products in the showers and in the changing rooms. You can also buy Kerstin Florian’s revitalising products in the Sturebadet shop and on our webshop.  

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Monday- Friday 06.30 - 22.00
Saturday - Sunday 08.30 - 20.30
Age limit 18 years
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